Flexirent Pay as you Go Easy Payment Options with Soundstore


If you love having the latest technology, then Flexirent is the way to go. Flexirent is like a more flexible form of operating lease. You'll enjoy the added flexibility of being able to trade-up before the end of the rental term*. And at the end, you have even more choices. *Conditions apply.

Get the equipment you need now.... and pay as you go

With Flexirent, you're not restricted by the limits of your cash or credit card. What's more, there is no deposit.


By selecting the rental term that matches the use-by date of the equipment, you can more easily stay within your budget and spread the cost of the equipment over its productive life - one, two, three or four years.

Helping you keep pace with technology

Get more for your money: With affordable monthly rental payments Flexirent means you can get higher performance or more equipment within the same budget.

Keep up-to-date with technology: Flexirent makes it easy to upgrade to the latest equipment, even before your agreement ends.

A total technology solution: With just one monthly rental payment you can Flexirent multiple items for your home, including software.

Apply Now

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Alternatively call 1800 551 395 (landlines) or 01 4512480 (mobiles) and apply over the phone.

What could be easier than Flexirent?

When you Flexi it you'll always have access to the latest technology on a budget you can afford, with added peace of mind knowing your equipment is always protected, and a choice of end of term options.


No Cash Upfront, No Fees

No deposit or set up fees required upfront so you can hold on to your cash and take it with you today.

Low Monthly Payments:

Makes it easy to get the equipment you want on a budget you can afford.

Flexible Terms:

12, 24 or 36 month terms mean you can spread the cost of equipment you want on a term and budget that suits you.

Choice of End of Term Options:

At the end of your agreement you have a number of options available you need to choose from:

  • Upgrade to new equipment.
  • Swap & save (up to 3 months)
  • Make an offer to own.
  • Return.

Accidental Damage & Theft Cover:

Equipment is repaired or replaced if accidentally damaged or stolen.

FlexiSwap and Save:

If you elect to swap, you can update to new equipment in the last 3 months of your agreement and Flexirent will waive the remaining payments.

Tax Deductible:

Using it for business purposes? Flexi it and your payments could be 100% tax deductible.

End of term options

Flexirent's end of term options give you the flexibility to manage your changing IT needs. Within the final six months of your agreement, Flexirent will endeavour to contact you and remind you that it is time to consider your choices:

Flexi Upgrade

Upgrade to the latest equipment with a new Flexirent Agreement, and make us an offer to purchase the old equipment. If you are upgrading to new equipment under a new Flexirent Agreement, Flexirent will typically accept a discount to the price we would normally accept.

You can offer any price you choose, however we have the right to accept or reject your offer. As a reward for continuing your relationship with us, we would be prepared to accept a discount to the price we would normally accept. Even better, the purchase price can be included in your new Flexirent Agreement.

Flexi Swap

3 months prior to the end of term, simply return the old equipment in good working order and take out a new agreement for equal or greater value and Flexirent will waive up to 3 remaining rental payments.

Flexi Extend

Extend your agreement if you are happy with the equipment.
You can even contact us and negotiate to extend the rental term with lower monthly payments.

Flexi Offer

Offer to purchase the equipment if you'd like to own it.
You can offer any price you choose, however we have the right to accept or reject your offer.

Flexi Return

Return the equipment to us if it's no longer needed at the end of the term.

Flexirent will endeavour to contact you (at the last address you have given us) before the maturity of your Flexirent Agreement, reminding you of your end of term options.

Terms and Conditions

Flexirent is a consumer hire agreement as defined by the Consumer Credit Act, 1995 (as amended) and is subject to credit approval. Payments are made monthly and prices shown are based on a 12/24/36 month term. Flexirent retains ownership of equipment throughout the agreement. Applicants must be 18 and over and minimum purchase price is €299.

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